November 2009: Around the House

November 2009: Around the House

Leafy greens

A set of modern, nature-loving vases, $17.99 each at Hedge, proves that the bouquet itself is not the only place where the intricate grace of flora may be found. Petite in size, they’d do well cradling bold, single blooms, or even paintbrushes.

Future forward

Let’s take a few steps back…into the future? Donna Goodman’s A History of the Future discusses the work of visionary modern artists, designers and architects who were, throughout history, ahead of their time. Containing everything from Blade Runner to Da Vinci’s “Universal Man” to the 1990s Dutch MVRDV 3D-Garden design, this informative and entertaining book will delight architects, sociologists, historians, engineers and science fiction fans alike.—Caroline Edgeton



All aglow

We’re heading into the time of year when the brave little flames of our homes must push back against an ever-growing darkness outside. (Not to get too dramatic about it!) A proper candle needs a proper candlestick, so we went looking for the best choices in local stores. Find your favorite and light a match.

(Left to right): Porcelain candlestick with dripping gold decals from Sustain, $88; Metal candlestick from Caspari, $45; Jamestown hand-blown glass candlestick from Michie Tavern General Store, $39.99; Lead crystal candlestick from the Monticello Museum Shop, $137.50; Wooden candlestick from And George, $72;


(Left to right): Mercury glass candlestick from Glo, $29.95; Plated brass candlestick from the Monticello Museum Shop, $68; Simon Pierce hand-blown glass candlestick from La Bastide, $140; Wire candlestick from Anthropologie, $18