News flash: Trees grow


We’ve got good news and bad news on the tree growth front. Bad news first.

This is a tulip poplar that sneakily became 25 feet high over the last four years since we bought our house. I was looking at some old pictures and noticed that this thing used to be about my height, and now it’s suddenly a serious tree.

This would be fine with us except it’s right in the middle of the garden, sucking up water and casting shade. It’ll have to come down. This goes against our general feeling that trees deserve protection, and it’s ironic because we generally lack nice shade trees in our yard. This is, in fact, the only one.

The good news is our fig tree, planted just one year ago, is about 6 feet high and about that wide.

When we brought this guy home, it was just a single naked twig, knee-high. Even more exciting than its growth is the fact that it’s already making fruit:

So this one can stay.

Anyone else had to guiltily remove a tree? Anyone planted trees that make you proud?