New Reading Series at The Bridge PAI


On Saturday, June 9th, The Bridge PAI will launch a new monthly reading series for local writers, quite logically entitled Scheherezade. Organized by longtime Bridge volunteers Sarah Yanke, Greg Jackson, and Leeyanne Moore, along with seasoned local Browning Porter. They’ve organized twelve readers for the initial event. According to Moore, they plan to include “several former MFAs, and other talented writers in our community, especially the ones who are interested in inventive, edgy, or hilarious stuff.”

 “We’re very excited about cross-genre forms; poems, fiction, stories, and things which don’t fit into any particular mold,” Moore says. “The Bridge is a place for edgy work, and we’re trying to shape our events in a way that makes it clear that edgy writing is welcome here, perhaps more so than at other organizations in the area” — although Moore is eager to emphasize that the series aims to be “very open and all-inclusive. We’d really like it to be a gathering place for all facets of the Charlottesville writing community, where they can feel welcome and meet each other.”

Interested parties can email or sign up in person at The Bridge. The June 9th event begins at 7pm, the cover charge is pay-what-you-can and refreshments will be served afterwards.