Natural wonder

Natural wonder

Could the ingredients in your moisturizer have come straight from your garden?

Charlottesville-based Brigit True Organics works with this appealing idea, creating a full line of products with nothing but herbs, flowers, nuts and fruits. The website,, catalogs everything—yummy lip balms, butters, massage oils, baby balm, body creams, and a prolific selection of organic olive oil soaps.

Calendula is one of the many healing herbs featured in Brigit True Organics’ line of moisturizers and balms.

Owner Brigitte Rau named the company after Brigit, Celtic goddess of healing, herbalism and firecraft, and she’s been connected to what you might call the Wise Woman healing philosophy from childhood (thanks to Grandma’s garden). “I learned to go out in the woods and touch the herb, smell and taste the herb, and really commit [its properties] to my mind. It’s the old world style of knowledge,” Rau says.

The website is a trough of knowledge, too. The ingredients lists are a quick read—they stick to a short list of super-pure, often handcrafted components. The site’s also dotted with helpful tidbits about therapeutic ingredients, as well as aromatherapy benefits. Visit the site and
make your purchases there or shop locally (though the selection will be more limited). Rebecca’s Natural Foods, Market Street Wine Shop, Petit Bebe, Fabulous Foods and Whole Foods all carry the line.—K.C.