NEW! February 2010: Tickled pink


Play around:  

Try a shorter skirt over a longer dress to give your outfit a bit more dimension. Or, match your umbrella and rainboots to pull your look together, tip to toe.


Laura Dillon wears a Cynthia Vincent hot pink slip dress from Eloise ($280; 219 W. Water St., 295-3905); an Alice & Trixie “Devin” skirt from Duo ($132; 101 Elliewood Ave., 979-1212); a Molly B. pink coat from Spring Street ($249; 107 W. Main St., 975-1200); Hunter rain boots in coral from Spring Street ($105); and filigree heart earrings from Old Navy ($4.50; 945 Emmet St. N, 984-0167). She carries an umbrella from Old Navy ($9.50). 



Rethink your work wardrobe: 

See the world through rose-colored glasses—literally—and brighten up your day with some playful, yet sensible, flats.


Laura wears an “Any-other-rose” cardigan from Anthropologie ($118; 1207 Emmet St. N, 295-1749); a silk appliquéd dress from Antics ($30; 103 Fifth St. SE, 293-9082); a Clean Skinny belt from Gap ($19.50; Fashion Square Mall, 973-5026); floral ballet flats from Target ($12.99; 3290 Seminole Trail, 964-0231); ProDesign Denmark 1373 glasses from Primary Eye Care ($235; 2159 Barracks Rd., 977-2020); floral printed studs ($12); and a floral bangle set from Urban Outfitters ($4.99; 316 E. Main St., 964-0127).



For an evening out: 


Tone-on-tone can make a seriously bold statement. (Not to mention a dramatic pair of chandelier earrings and hot-to-trot heels.)



Laura wears a Leona “Amanda” dress from Duo ($238); magenta tights from Target ($7); Kensie heels from Finch ($62; 1501 University Ave., 244-0050); chandelier earrings from Target ($7.99); bangles from Spring Street ($18 each); and a Dragon Sphere bag from Finch ($39).