Music man


We at C-VILLE like to give our little birds that have flown props when those little birds land, as they sometimes do, on wire worth noting. Former C-VILLE music writer and online editor John Ruscher, also the founder of Nailgun Media, flew the coop after spending over more than a year writing nerdy-but-still-cool reviews, columns, news and features of the local pop music scene that seemed to make everyone say, “Yeah, man, right on,” as they perused the reviews column while also nursing something strong from Café Cubano.
Like a proper young’un with pop cultural aspirations, John has landed in the music mecca of Bushwick, Brooklyn. Bushwick, for those of you who don’t know, is the new Williamsburg, which was the new Lower East Side, which was the new blah blah blah. My point is that John has a website and that website is about, yes, Brooklyn music; so, if you are missing John from the pages of C-VILLE, look no further than the Internet.
The site itself is still finding its footing and developing a voice and figuring things out. That, however, is what is interesting about it from a Charlottesville perspective. Since John is new to Brooklyn, we back at the nest can follow him online and discover the ins and outs, the in-crowd, the dungeons and dragons dorks, the so-overs, the next-big-things, the when- will-you-give-ups, and the prodigies that populate that scene just as John is discovering them for himself. I have no doubt that this site is prepped to be a site of discovery, and that the more comfortable John gets in his adopted home, the more traction his site will have as a place for music news and reviews and quirks. Go forth and prosper, Ruscher. You have my blessing. I know you were asking for it.