Mountain lion terrorizes Crozet [February 27]

Mountain lion terrorizes Crozet [February 27]

State gaming officials have told residents along St. George Avenue in Crozet not to go outside by themselves for fear of a mountain lion attack, reports WCAV-Channel 19 News. So far, only a few dog food bowls and trash cans have been disturbed, presumably all the work of a vicious beast. “From its nose to its rump is about five-foot long,” said one resident by the name of Marlene Humphreys. “The tail itself is about two-and-a-half to three foot long.”

This feline may not look that dangerous…until it tries to claw through your bedroom window.

Just a few weeks ago, Humphreys watched as the mountain lion tried to claw its way into one of her bedroom windows. Ever since, she’s tried to get the authorities to help. Finally, the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries stepped in, and has promised to bring in motion-sensing cameras and a cage to catch the cat. According to WCAV, the cage could “take months.” Until then, Humphreys is huddling inside with five little girls and three dogs. “I’m praying,” she said. “I’m praying.”

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