Mirror, mirror


There are some things that I am just really bad at. These things include applying blush, keeping an eye pencil steady, keeping my shirt reasonably unwrinkled and blow-drying my hair. I believe that some people are genetically programmed to look put-together and some people are destined to look as if they are perpetually falling apart, and I fall into the latter group. Us girls whose hair needs help five minutes after we’ve brushed it and who always manage to smear our mascara onto some random part of our face where it doesn’t belong need all the help we can get.

Granted, we are probably not the audience that websites such as We Love Beauty are aiming for; their ideal reader is probably a woman who can easily master the tips the site offers and act as living advertisement. But We Love Beauty can at least point girls like me in a helpful direction when it comes to those occasions when messy hair and wrinkled shirts simply won’t do.

It’s not deep, but the site has plenty of makeup tips and brand recommendations from professionals in the celebrity styling world. So, if you’re going out to Mas and you feel like you want to look the way Jennifer Garner did at the Oscars, then you’re in luck, because her hair and makeup people divulge their secrets to this site. Or, say you’re making a trip to Harris Teeter and you think that it’s an appropriate time to pull a Lindsay Lohan-as-Marilyn Monroe; check out the steps to achieve that look on We Love Beauty. I jest, I jest, but only sort of. If you need a hand (like I do), this site isn’t a bad site to check out, if only because it’s a website and thus doesn’t require that you utter the words, “Um…I need some help, here.”