Meet your Eats: Labor(day) of love


Don’t fret, you’ll have a full 36 hours to recover from the excitement of watching the Charlottesville Derby Dames (tonight at 7pm at Augusta Expo Land) before taking in the sights, smells and sounds of animals of a different sort.

The folks that bring you the City Market invite you to their second annual ‘Meet Yer Eats’ event. Many of the vendors from Charlottesville’s three farmer’s markets will be opening their doors, gates and greenhouses to the public from 10am until 4pm, September 6th. Visit Market Central’s website for tour information including: maps, ticket sales and tips on what to wear, bring and expect. Many locations will be offering workshops, site-specific guided tours and other special programs, which are listed on the website as well.

The purpose of this event is to establish an even more direct connection with our food. Many of us know the faces, and maybe even names, of the Market sellers but seldom do we follow them home and check out their digs (that would be creepy and perhaps illegal). These brave vendors have given us, the community, an official invitation to ask silly questions, stomp around in inappropriate shoes and scare their cows (maybe not that last one).

Photo courtesy of Davis Creek Farm

Eighteen growers are participating this year and all are within an hour’s drive (more or less) from Charlottesville. Market Central offers some suggested routes to follow but it seems prudent to keep your touring goals reasonable. Perhaps, aim to visit two or three farms, especially if you have kids.


Photo courtesy of Radical Roots

It’s supposed to be a gorgeous day on Monday so, enjoy the drive, take in the country and don’t forget to eat your meets (Or meats. Bring some cash-money for all the fresh from the field bounty!).

Which farm do you plan on visiting?