May ABODE goes off-grid


I’m more than a little excited about the new issue of ABODE, just out this morning. While I was putting this one together, I had the fun of visiting an off-grid kit house outside Appomattox. It’s the weekend home (and future full-time residence) of the Casati family: Copeland, Christoph and their two kids.

The Casati family at the cleverly named Casa Ti.

What’s cool about this? 1. These folks plan to inhabit their place without tapping into standard utilities. No electric service, no well. They’ll use solar panels and rainwater collection instead. 2. Copeland sells the Casa Ti and other kit houses through her three websites (start with 3. There’s a very interesting D.I.Y., tech-savvy, appreciative-of-nature-yet-not-at-all-crunchy vibe going on here. You’ll feel it for yourself when you read the story and see the photos. One more as a teaser:

Nope, it’s not finished. (Can you spot the salvaged basketball court flooring?)

Also in this issue: locally ground flour, the brand-new location of the Blue Ridge Eco Shop, and a treadmill that doesn’t suck down power. Read, comment, let us know what you think!