May 2011: Your Abode


What are you doing sitting on that couch? What’s with the overstuffed chair? who do you think you are, parking yourself at the dining room table? Get outside, for crying out loud! It’s springtime in Central Virginia, and it demands to be enjoyed. You can still sit down, we promise. And with one of these locally-sourced seats, you can sit in style too. 

From top left: The Curious Orange Store, 2845 Ivy Rd., 984-1042, $275. Blue Ridge Eco Shop, 313 E. Main St., 296-0042, $295. Ten Thousand Villages, 105 W. Main St., 979-9470. Snow’s Garden Center, 1875 Avon St., 295-2159, $120. Target, Hollymead Town Center, 964-0231, $60. Plow & Hearth, Barracks Road Shopping Center, 977-3707, $200. And George, 3465 Ivy Rd. 244-2800, $350/pair. Blue Ridge Eco Shop, 313 E. Main St. 296-0042, $275.