March 2011: Your Abode


 Couched in better terms

What does your couch say about you? Upholstery rubbed thin on the arms and seat: “I’m getting by on hand-me-downs.” Sitting up on wooden legs with inches of clearance below: “I have nothing to hide.” Festooned with pillows: “I’m detail-oriented.” What if you want to say “I know style when I see it”? Let one of these sofas from local shops send your message.


Top row: Under the Roof ($1,049; 406 W. Main St., Waynesboro, 1-888-997-7663);Quince ($2,288; 12 Garrett St., 296-0062)

Middle row: The Artful Lodger ($2,069; 218 W. Market St., 970-1900); Grand Home Furnishings ($699.95; 1801 Seminole Trail, 974-6480)

Bottom row: The Second Yard ($2,275; 307 E. Market St., 295-6054); Kane Furniture($1,459; 1200 W. Main St., 296-5594)