March 2010: Stuff We Love


Cutting board: The seasonal Cook, $89.95

Glass to glass

The Green Glass Company in Richmond makes drinking glasses from reclaimed beer and soda bottles. We suggest pouring your favorite wine or beer, but a nice mango-peach nectar works too. Available at Sustain.







Looks like rain


Combination gadgets can be decidedly strange —alarm clocks that make bacon, pens with built-in flashlights, and Swiss army knives with toddler-sized scissor attachments, to name a few. If you’re in search of a gadget that can boast functionality as well as novelty, check out the Weather Station Shower Mirror, a three-in-one that won’t have you scratching your head over its usefulness.

Time, date, current weather conditions, and weather forecast all appear in a handy sidebar beside a 7"x7" mirror. The mirror attaches to shower walls with suction cups, and also comes with a handy shelf underneath to hold your shaving gear or face wash. Keep an eye on the time while you adjust your facial-hair-to-weather ratio, or make shampoo mohawks in the fog-free, LED backlit mirror.

The Weather Station Shower Mirror runs on AA and AAA batteries, and is priced at $49.98. Find it online at or—Lucy Kim 


Snow style

It’s the little things that make this place stand out on its North Downtown street—like red shutters and stone terracing. And it’s the big things—the stone facade and the huge mature trees. In other words, this house is the total package.