March 2009: Instant Decorator

March 2009: Instant Decorator

Aside from its obvious conversation-piece quality, this coffee can clock is multipurpose. You could put a glass of water inside and use it as a vase. You could throw in some spare pencils. Even use it as a jar for coins. The possibilities are endless, and you have lots of time (get it?) to experiment.

Materials: One coffee can, four wooden balls, one clock mechanism (found at any craft store), one nail, craft paint (any color you think coordinates with your coffee can).

Tools: Hammer, hot glue gun.

1. Paint the balls.
2. Use hammer and nail to poke a hole in the can where you want to position your clock.
3. Attach the clock mechanism.
4. Hot glue the balls on the bottom of the can.
5. Put the plastic lid back on the can, or leave open as suggested.