Mallek, Lunsford and city Dems win big [November 7]

Mallek, Lunsford and city Dems win big [November 7]

Virginia Democrats made some serious gains in statewide and local elections Tuesday night. The biggest upset of the night may have been Denise Lunsford’s unseating of 15-year incumbant Jim Camblos for the Albemarle County’s Commonwealth’s Attorney. Lunsford won 53 percent of the vote. Democrats also won control of the state Senate, picking up four seats.

County Board of Supervisors chairman Ken Boyd, a Republican, held off challenger Marcia Joseph, winning by a slim margin—146 votes. But the makeup of the board will shift dramatically in January, thanks to Democratic challenger Ann Mallek’s win over Republican incumbent David Wyant.

Democratic challenger Ann Mallek knocked off Republican incumbent David Wyant for White Hall seat on the county Board of Supervisors.

Charlottesville Democrats continued their stranglehold on the City Council. All three Democratic candidates-incumbent mayor David Brown, challengers Holly Edwards and Satyendra Huja—won easily, beating Independent challengers Barbara Haskins and Peter Kleeman.

Albemarle County election results (Albemarle precincts only).

Charlottesville City election results (Charlottesville precincts only).

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