Local green listservs I love


Today’s been a good day for green e-mail here at my desk. This prompts me to let you know about some of the local listservs I’m on, in case you’d like your inbox to contain more fresh eggs and energy legislation (and who wouldn’t?).

First, there’s the E.A.T. Local list, which seems to be a place where a lot of your local farmers hang out when they’re online and not outside raising our food. There you’ll hear about the National Animal Identification System as well as cow shares and Michael Pollan lectures. Through it, I learned today about a June 5 event called "Connecting the Dots in our Local Food System," which will happen at the City Market, 9am to 1pm, and aims to connect marketgoers with local food organizations of all stripes. Keep your eye on this site for more info.

Second, there’s CLUCK, the Google group corresponding to the chicken-keepers’ group here in Charlottesville. I like this one because, as an aspiring poultrist (I just made up that word!) it’s a nice way to get a feel for the day-to-day concerns of those who already have birds in their backyards. Someone gave away a coop and chicken tractor through the list this week, and today the talk is about donating extra eggs to the Haven at First and Market. Cool stuff.

Third, the Piedmont Environmental Council sends a daily e-mail called PEC News, which is really an awesome digest of local and national coverage of several environmental issues: development, mining, energy matters, water, and so on. (Today I got a special PEC message updating me on what happened with eco-related legislation in Richmond this session.) Sign up on PEC’s homepage. Best part: Every e-mail begins with a photo, and sometimes these feature extremely cute cows.

What am I missing, folks? Anybody got a must-subscribe list?