Local (green) art: Second Chance Studio


Along with my love of all things previously used, worn and mended is my complete enchantment with re-purposing of these items. Also known as “upcycling”, the new life breathed into the old is the ultimate green craft.

A dear friend of mine, Kim Boggs Goldstein, is a master (mistress?) of the art of upcycling. She finds beauty in the flaking paint of a broken chair, the wooden handle of a hairbrush, the pattern of rust on a twisted toy. She collects all of these treasures and glues and rivets and nails them together into magical and lovely sculptural collages. Her MO is to use objects as she finds them, highlighting what she finds most intriguing and beautiful about them.


My favorite piece is a sculptural wall hanging that shows a landscape of undulating greens and blues and a solitary spherical, aqua water tower. The piece is made entirely of found bits of painted wood, which Kim has arranged carefully to create a calm and graceful image with a tint of irony.

A Quiet Place

Far from being cliché or trite, her work is intimate, familiar, often humorous and entirely fresh.


She also makes unique bags out of vintage prints and jewelry from bits and pieces of unexpected treasures.
Kim shows her art under the moniker Second Chance Studio. You may have seen her work locally at the Blue Moon Diner, Sticks, Craftacular in Open Space, and more. It seems she always has a show up somewhere!
Her etsy shop showcases her amazing work and can be found by clicking on the link below. And be sure to friend Second Chance Studio on Facebook!

Second Chance Studio on etsy

Have you re-purposed any objects yourself?