Local chicken feed is back on the shelf


A few weeks ago, we were bummed to find out that Southern States, our source for chicken feed, had stopped carrying the Countryside brand of organic feed. We liked it because it was made of whole grains and produced in Fishersville. The alternative comes from Pennsylvania and largely consists of "mash," or ground grains.

You can see the difference!

The hens, too, were hip to the change: They just picked all the whole grains out of the mash and scattered what remained. This was wasteful, and we were going through bags of feed much faster than we wanted to.

So, we were happy to learn that Countryside was back on the shelves at Southern States. Even better, we found out through CLUCK, you can arrange a direct transaction with Countryside: when the driver is making a Charlottesville delivery you can meet the truck in Ivy and get the feed right there. Big savings, chicken lovers!

Anyone have a different source for organic feed?