Let the good life begin


Uncharacteristically, we missed the first two weeks of the Nelson County farmer’s market, but we finally got there last weekend. Yes and yippee! If you’ve never ventured out to Nellysford on a summer Saturday, let me introduce you to the mellow side of the farmer’s market phenomenon.

Parking is easy and crowds are no big deal. Yet we’re able to buy a substantial portion of our groceries–obviously veggies and fruit, but also honey, coffee, soap, meat, mushrooms, herbal teas, eggs, pastries and more. There’s bread made from home-ground grains from Bessette Family Farm:

There’s goat cheese from Caromont, which I bet you know about, and now cow cheese too!

We bought three different heirloom tomato seedlings from Appalachia Star. In the background you can see the table of Virginia Vinegar Works–add vinegar to the list of stuff we can pass up at the grocery store during market season. And I noticed something new this year–a guy selling locally produced charcoal!

It’s friendly and grassy and there’s nothing I’d rather do with a Saturday morning. Actually, I haven’t been to City Market in a long time–I keep meaning to make a field trip out of it sometime, but our local Nelson market is just so nice that I never feel like passing it by.

What’s your favorite market? Any Meade Park or Crozet or Gordonsville devotees wanna give a shout-out?