Let me keep counting the ways


The C-VILLE perhaps forgot to include over the hill ex-electeds in your review of the city budget in the “Consultants” article [“‘Consultants’ suggest 11 ways for city saving,” Government News, November 25, 2008]. What a tragic oversight. So here is my addition of ways to save money on the budget in the coming year:

Water supply—ditch the RSWA and appoint the entire Hook staff to provide the future water supply for our community. Savings —priceless and probably more fun than we are having now. But the city code would probably have to be changed to allow for property owners to drill wells just to be prudent. 

Blake Caravati

The writer is a former city councilor.—ed.

Weaver-ing a spell

Mr. Weaver: I read with great amusement your story “The Upside of the Downturn” [December 2, 2008]. Well done. Stanley Bing would be proud.

Miles Weiss