Kluge bids farewell to Fuel?


Fuel Co., Patricia Kluge’s luxury gas-and-nosh spot that closed suddenly in mid-2007, is ready for its to-go bag. According to a post from the real estate watchers at C’ville Bubble Blog, Fuel is slated for a July 14 foreclosure auction. The site, currently assessed at $1.1 million, was previously on the market for $1.6 million.

Kluge Estate Winery and Vineyard LLC recently decided to drop a lawsuit filed against Farm Credit of the Virginias. Because Kluge and her husband, Bill Moses, voluntarily dropped the suit—which alleged that the bank unfairly prevented them from buying back their foreclosed winery—the pair has the option to re-file.

The couple also recently bid farewell to a few items from the foreclosed Albemarle House mansion. Those items include David Easton-designed curtains, which went for as much as $14,000, and rifles given to Kluge by the King of Spain. Curbed’s D.C. blog rounds out the list. For C-VILLE’s Kluge coverage, click here.