Kaine for VP closer to reality

Kaine for VP closer to reality

The Washington Post has a piece today on the increasing likelihood that Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine will be picked as Barack Obama’s VP choice. Quoting "close associates," the Post says Kaine has had "very serious" conversations with Sen. Obama about joining the Democratic presidential ticket and has provided documents to the campaign as it combs through his background. This comes despite growing disenchantment with Kaine at home, as detailed in last week’s C-VILLE, and a lack of foreign policy experience.

Apparently, there is a perception that our governor would bring an outside-the-Beltway philosophy to D.C.—a claim pretty much every candidate tries to lay claim to. We have little idea what Obama sees in Kaine but according to conservative pundit William Kristol, Obama has already decided on him. On Fox News Sunday, Kristol said that Obama is "in Washington on Tuesday, two days from now. He’ll have a secret meeting with Tim Kaine—this is my theory—they’ll work it all out," Kristol said. "And then on Monday, next Monday, August 4th, 11am in Richmond, Obama and Tim Kaine, and that will be an attractive young ticket. … I’m way out there on a limb here."

Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine is inching closer to becoming Obama’s VP.

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