June ABODE brings in the old


Thrifty types, salvage-y types, you’re gonna love the cover story in the June issue of ABODE, which comes out today. It’s about a guy who figures he’s spent $50,000 at the Habitat Store! Impressive, no? Even more amazing is the fact that he’s used all that stuff.

His name is Scott Wiley and he’s renovated a few houses in Charlottesville, using mostly salvaged materials. The Habitat Store is his main source, but he has others, too. His work is beautiful; he’s an exemplary D.I.Y.-er in addition to being rather gifted at finding reclaimed stuff.

Myself, I love the idea of shopping at Habitat but have only managed to score what I need there a handful of times. So I asked Scott for his tips. He explained that you have to A) go there often, B) buy stuff you don’t know you need yet and C) be willing to take apart and otherwise modify what you buy. Sounds very sensible.

Pick up the issue and see all his goodies, installed in a small (I mean TINY) house in Belmont, as well as a larger place in Rose Hill.

The issue also includes our usual paeans to local, seasonal food (that would be Lisa Reeder writing about cherries), earth-friendly gardening (Cathy Clary on roses), household greening (Better World Betty on water play), and interesting eco-devices (yours truly on toilet/sink combos). In other words, it’s jam-packed with greenery. Enjoy!