June 2010: Stuff We Love


And acreage, too

Nothing like a nice, big front yard to class up the joint. We think this colonial off Ivy Road is plenty nice on its own, but all that lawn—with room for blooms and a very welcoming walk—puts it over the top.













Tray chic

Bold and beautiful, these lacquered trays practically leap off the table with their sherbet-like colors. We love it when a serving piece actually inspires us to cook something attractive, just to complete the look. $60 and $100 at Caspari.









That unplugged sound


Got a lot of devices with cords and plugs competing for a limited number of electronic outlets? Your audio speakers don’t have to be one of them. There are a lot of options for wireless speakers, but Soundcast’s OutCast line is notable for clarity, range, and all-out good looks.

The OutCast is weatherproof and rugged enough to take out to the beach or park. The iCast Transmitter (included with the speakers) has a range of up to 350 feet outdoors and travels through walls, ceilings, and floors. Plug the transmitter into your audio system, plug in your iPod to the transmitter, and carry the speaker wherever you want to. The speakers have buttons that allow you to remotely control the audio player, and the speakers can also be connected directly to other audio devices.

Is it too early to start a Christmas wish list? OutCast retails for $799.99 and OutCast Jr. goes for $499.99. Available at Stereo Types.—Lucy Kim










Have a seat

It’s all about the view when you’re sitting outside. Well, the view and the cold drink. Well, that and the chair you’re sitting in—because a lot of outdoor furniture is either uncomfortable or frumpy. We like these locally sourced pieces. 


Adirondack chair made from recycled milk jugs, $275 at Blue Ridge Eco Shop.


Eucalyptus bench, $199.95 at Plow & Hearth.

Metal café table and chair, $349 and $119 at Creme de la Creme.