June 2009: Instant Decorator

June 2009: Instant Decorator

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This clay pot project might look simple (and it is!), but it’s so much more than that. Think kitschy organizational tool (Crayons? Fruit? Pens?). Think thoughtful gift made more special with a personalized note written directly on it. In fact, think about it a little longer, and you can probably come up with some brilliant uses of your own.
Materials: Clay flower pot, chalkboard paint (found at any craft store)
Tools: Foam brush, piece of newspaper for surface protection

1. Put pot upright on newspaper.
2. Apply one coat of chalkboard paint using foam brush.
3. Wait an hour.
4. Apply another coat of chalkboard paint using foam brush.
5. Wait another hour and apply a third coat (this is optional depending on your preference and painting skills).—Caite White