July ABODE adapts to the times


Folks, there’s a new issue of ABODE out this week, and it’s very pedestrian-friendly. For the feature story, I headed over the mountain to Staunton, where the architectural legacy is strong and the downtown culture is thriving. I visited three different development projects–one small, one medium, one very large–where historic buildings have been turned into loft or condo spaces.

All located in or near Staunton’s very enjoyable downtown, these homes allow for an intensely walkable lifestyle. Imagine looking out your dining room window and seeing a farmer’s market right below, or walking out of your house and being just half a block from your town’s main drag, where great restaurants rub shoulders with art spaces and theaters.

After seeing these places, I was about ready to give up the rural life, buy a condo in Staunton and bid my car adieu. Not only is it green to walk to work and play, it’s very cool that the city’s older buildings are being reimagined instead of abandoned or torn down. There’s nothing like the historical patina of a former YMCA or feed mill to add character to a living space.

While you’re browsing the issue, also check out Better World Betty’s tips on safer personal care products to stock up your bathroom, Ed Warwick’s advice on container gardening, and ideas about all that summer squash that will soon flood your fridge. And in the spirit of creative reuse, our Room of One’s Own subject has a fine collection of secondhand goodies.

Read, comment, and enjoy!