Jon Bright, Lensman at the Spectacle Shop


“Occasionally when we’re using screwdrivers and we flip off the screws, we’ll accidentally stab our fingers,” says Bright. “Or burn our hands from working with soldering. But in general, it’s pretty low impact.”

How did you learn your craft?
I went to college. But I got started in second grade when I had to wear glasses, and was interested in it, and spoke with the optician, who convinced me years later to go to school to learn about glasses.

Sometimes we’ve had frames break. You’ll be fixing somebody’s frame, which they brought in for a minor adjustment, but it’s cold outside and the frames break, and you’ve got two pieces in your hands.

How do you unwind after work?
By going home and doing more handwork. I have two old houses and I do a lot of woodworking on them.

Where else do nimble fingers come in handy?

Again, when I’m working on my house. I’ve probably got more tools at home than I do in the shop. I guess I’m fortunate in that I have sort of a mechanical nature.