Jefferson Area Tea Party chair suspicious of Councilor Brown comment


Yesterday, the Daily Progress published a story about OccupyCville, the group currently inhabiting Lee Park in conjunction with the series of nationally linked Occupy protests. During the weekly City Council meeting, councilor David Brown made a comment about the improbability of Jefferson Area Tea Party chair Carole Thorpe occupying Lee Park. The comment was connected to a discussion of ending the 11pm Lee Park curfew, which would enable protestors to stay longer.

"You were correct to ask your fellow councilors how sympathetic they would be to suspend city park hours of operation if it was the Tea Party wanting to camp out rather than Occupy Charlottesville…" wrote Thorpe to Brown, in an e-mail copied to local media. "But then you unwisely brought my name into the matter in a way that was unfair and unprofessional." She then asked Brown to explain the meaning and motive behind his comment.

Brown was not immediately able to respond to calls from C-VILLE. However, with a November 8 City Council election on the way, it seems unlikely that Brown will join the Jefferson Area Tea Party after he leaves his current post. For C-VILLE’s coverage of the local tea party, click here.