Is this your heel, boy?

Is this your heel, boy?

FOUND in front of Eppie’s on the Downtown Mall, lonely and lodged between two bricks:

One heel, slightly worn. It is black in color, approximately 3.25" by 3.25" and a bit gritty to the touch, most likely due to weeks of wear.

Upon closer examination of the heel, Brick Watch notices a logo, of sorts: "emu." Or perhaps, turned upside down, "nwo." If these words mean anything to you, this might be your heel.

Using skills acquired from many hours watching "CSI" (of the regular and New York varieties), we have determined that the heel might possibly belong to a left shoe, as it is, when turned over, worn on the outside. Also, there is a small tear at the corner (visible in the picture below).

Brick Watch believes this heel to be from a man’s shoe, as determined by an unofficial office poll. The underside of the heel (the side formerly glued to the shoe) seems to have some sort of adhesive on it, though test results on the adhesive were inconclusive.

Because this heel was found amongst the bricks, Brick Watch assumes it was a brick-related detaching accident. We arrived at this conclusion in conjunction with the previous complaints of heels (still attached to their rightful shoe) getting stuck between the bricks.

The heel, found cold and dirty by a demolition barrier accompanied only by a few cigarette butts and discarded bits from pockets of passersby, is in good care now and should someone recognize it, they should post a comment below and Brick Watch will be in touch. Wait too long, however, and this heel may become part of Brick Watch’s End-O-Rebricking mixed media artwork. You have been warned.

Oh, dear bricks. What have you done?