I’m wassailing away! [December 24]


Among the Christmas tunes that inspire quizzical looks and questions of origin (right up there with “All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth”), “Here We Come A-Wassailing” is a classic, and carries perhaps the best answer. The word functions as both a verb (“to wassail” is to sing a toast of health, often while travelling door-to-door to annoy as many people as possible with your cheer) and a noun (a mulled wine or cider).

Just for fun: Here We Come A Wassailing – Take a listen:

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For the sake of clarity, Washington Post reporter Scott Vogel makes a riotous little trip along the Monticello Wine Trail with his family to get the straight story on the drink at the word’s center. Documenting his travels in the Miami Herald, Vogel and his family (including a particularly garrulous mother) hit vineyards from Burnley to Barboursville, ending their tour at Keswick with a glass of syrah and the word from a sommelier that wassail is “spiked apple cider, I think.” Proof that wassail is, indeed, the ideal drink for a family holiday: Both involve a lot of unexpected ingredients and, ultimately, are things you probably wouldn’t enjoy during most other times of the year.

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