I would prefer to open that door myself, thanks


I was walking around UVA grounds the other day and went through Newcomb Hall as a shortcut. On my way out, two sets of doors opened for me automatically.

This irritated me greatly. Somewhere, coal is being burned so that I, an able-bodied person, can walk through a door without opening it myself. I declare that this state of affairs is indefensible. (Go ahead—try to defend it!) In a country with a looming energy shortage and an obesity epidemic, the only automatic door-opening that should be happening is when someone approaches a door who is physically incapable of opening it herself.

I wonder what it would take for UVA—which has made its green-building and other sustainability goals fairly public—to nix all the totalitarian doors on grounds. While we’re at it, let’s say goodbye to automatic toilets and faucets. I am pretty convinced that unconscionable amounts of water and electricity get wasted by those things. (Ever had a toilet flush three times while you’re still sitting down?)

Analog! Analog! Say it with me!