I-64 shooter gets…detention?

The 16-year-old involved in the March shootings on I-64 will not spend the next five years in jail, as originally planned, NBC29 reported today. Instead, he’ll be held in detention.

At Blue Ridge Detention Center, the teen will be able to focus on character development and transitioning back into society, which the judge felt would be more beneficial for him. During the six-month program, the minor will participate in check-ups every 30 days to keep everyone involved updated on his progress, as well as meet face-to-face with victims of the shootings.

The case is now closed, NBC reports, but the juvenile must still pay upwards of $12,000 in restitution fees. His companion in the shootings, 19-year-old Slade Allen Woodson, has, in total, 21 charges against him and is currently awaiting his plea hearing, which is set for July 14.