Huguely trial back underway with unexpected hearing


The George Huguely case will be back in court at 5 p.m. in the Charlottesville Circuit Court’s main courtoom today. Huguely’s defense attorneys have unexpectedly filed another motion to gain access to Yeardley Love’s medical records, according to a report from the Charlottesville Newsplex.

The former University of Virginia lacrosse player is accused of first degree murder in the beating death of Love, his ex-girlfriend.

In an April hearing, Judge Robert Downer denied the defense’s first request for access to Love’s medical records.

“I’m not going to permit a fishing expedition,” said Downer, repeating a phrase used by Commonwealth’s Attorney Dave Chapman, who deemed a subpoenae filed by Huguely defense attorneys Rhonda Quagliana and Frances McQ. Lawrence “grossly overbroad.”

During that hearing, a private medical consultant hired by Huguely’s defense to review Love’s autopsy report testified that Love’s medical history could show whether an additional medicine, coupled with Adderall, might have given Love cardiac arrhythmia, potentially fatal.

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