However big you think you are

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It is one thing to live in the same area as your father (this entitles him to call you whenever, apparently), another to practice journalism in the same small town as a dad who is known for suing people.

One of the first times I talked to Hope’s Harold Bare, he told me he was looking for an attorney.

“I was actually thinking of calling your father,” he said.

“Well,” I said after a considerate pause. “You’re welcome to call him over at The Rutherford Institute.”

Then on April 16, 2008, I got an e-mail from Rutherford announcing their representation of the beleaguered homeless shelter: “At a time when the economy is spiraling downward and home-lessness is on the rise, the city should be doing all it can to help Hope Community Center keep its doors open and offer its services to the disadvantaged in need,” John W. (“Dad”) Whitehead was quoted as saying. “The city should be working with this shelter to make sure they can stay open. It’s a time for empathy and compassion for the poor. This is a public problem, and one that we need to deal with effectively as a community.”