How not to advertise to Green Scene

How not to advertise to Green Scene

Yesterday marked at least the third time I have found a flyer for Kleen’n’Team on my vehicle after parking it downtown. Anyone else been blessed with one of these?

As usual, I tossed the coupon in the passenger seat. Also as usual, I noticed several others tossed around on the street.

I feel like I barely have to actually type out the reasons why this method of promoting a business is unsound. (I’ve pretty much done it before, in any case.) Green Scene is all about efficient use of energy, so I’ll keep it to this: Kleen’n’Team, U R wstng ppr. Pls stp.

The deeper question, friends, is this. Who’s really littering—the grammatically challenged business that distributes the extraneous printed material, or the underwhelmed target audience that then redistributes it onto the road surface? In other words, if you get hit with junk mail or windshield flyers or any other unwanted paper, what’s your responsibility in dealing with it?

Mine is going in the recycling. Right…now.