How cold does the fridge need to be?


I’ve noticed on more than one occasion that our fridge here in the office is a lot colder than my fridge at home. I take stuff out at lunchtime and get surprised by how chilly it feels in my hand.

Well-chilled office eats.

A thorough investigation revealed that the Official Alt-Weekly Fridge has a temperature control, front and center on the top shelf, and that it was turned to the colder side of the dial.

Those marks say "Cold" and "Colder," with "Normal" right in the center. Guess we’re "Abnormal."

I took it upon myself to turn it down to Normal. We’ve never been stricken with a horrible disease after eating out of our home fridge, so I don’t think I’m putting my fine co-workers in danger.

And perhaps we can save a little energy. Ask Mr. Electricity has some good advice about fridges, including tips for getting the most efficient performance from a fridge. "Fridges set 10 degrees lower than needed (or freezers set 5 degrees lower than needed) can increase energy use by as much as 20-25%," it says. I haven’t performed the temperature test to find out exactly how cold is cold here at C-VILLE, but I think we can stand to warm things up slightly.

Meanwhile, at home, we have got to figure out a place to put our fridge that isn’t right next to the stove. Duh.

How cold is your fridge?