Housing works


There’s nothing like some good house porn. Flipping through the pages of Dwell or Cottage Living or scrolling through DesignSponge or Apartment Therapy is just as fantasy-inducing as I’ve heard the other more controversial forms of porn can be. I had begun to believe that I had exhausted the house porn world library in terms of websites to visit or magazines to read but, silly rabbit that I am, I should have known that was impossible.

A friend recently pointed me in the direction of the website for a film and TV location scouting website, Proper Production, and a whole new world opened up to me, filled with dream houses: country estates, little cottages, modern mansions, horse farms, townhouses, sophisticated condos, too-cool-for-school lofts. And better yet, the photos feature simply the homes, offering no unnecessary nods to the people who live in them (and who, when pictured in their houses, turn a magazine or website into nothing more than a glorified society page, in my opinion. Harumph!).

If you’re at all like me, as you click through the images of the houses, your mind will conjure not only cinematic scenes from Jane Austen, Woody Allen or F. Scott Fitzgerald, but inevitably you will find yourself filming the movie of your own dream life. If you’re asking, or even if you’re not, I wouldn’t mind filming my dream life either at Country House 10 (log cabin heaven!) or Townhouse 9 (classic yet modern!). Ideally though, I suppose, my dream life would be filmed at both locations, since of course my dream life would be bi-housal.