Homer run


“Cougar Town”
Wednesday 9:30pm, ABC

You can sneer at the title, but I actually kind of like “Cougar Town.” It’s totally unsubtle, but I think there’s something fascinating—and very real—about a sexy, unattached older woman trying to navigate the landmine-riddled modern dating scene. Plus, I like Courteney Cox in just about anything. (I even sat through most of “Dirt” hoping it would get better.) The show comes back from its winter hiatus with a familiar face: Lisa Kudrow, Cox’s former “Friend.” She guest stars in a completely different role as a miracle-working dermatologist who also happens to be a ferocious bitch that savages her clients. Cox’s Jules is willing to brave barbs harsher than any chemical peel, but things get complicated when Jules discovers that Dr. Feelbad is currently dating her ex-husband. It’s what I always wanted: Phoebe versus Monica death match!

Sunday-Monday 9pm, NBC

Last spring, “Chuck” was in serious jeopardy. The charming comedy/action/drama about a nerd who unwittingly becomes a spy after having a buttload of government secrets downloaded into his brain gained a cult following, but wasn’t a ratings winner in its first two seasons. And with NBC turning over nearly one-third of its primetime real estate to (shudder) Jay Leno, the axe was looming. But the fans and critics mobilized and got the show back for a truncated third season. Look for some changes as the show tries desperately to make the most of its stay of execution, most importantly the title character’s transformation from geek-in-distress to confident, butt-kicking spy.

“The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special: In 3-D! On Ice!”
Sunday 8:30pm, Fox

Morgan Spurlock, the documentary filmmaker who grossed out McDonald’s fans with Super Size Me, produced this hour-long special (not in 3-D, and not on ice) that looks back on 20 years with “The Simpsons.” Take that in for a second: 20 years with “The Simpsons.” How the hell did that happen? Relive the show’s humble beginnings as filler on “The Tracey Ullman Show,” to its debut as a Christmas special, to the heydays of the hundreds of denizens of Springfield and their impact on pop culture around the world. Prior to the special, the series airs its official 450th episode, in which Krusty the Clown seeks to expand his show’s preteen girl demographics by adding a princess character, voiced by Anne Hathaway.