He's a one-band man


Anything cookin’ with Chris Daughtry these days? —Miss N. Idol

Miss: First, Ace will assume you mean Daughtry, the band created by Fluvanna County product and ex-"American Idol" contestant Chris Daughtry, and not simply Daughtry himself, though answering this question in reference to one would pretty much clear up the question of the whereabouts of the other.

Second, in his extensive research, Ace has noticed that Daughtry (the band) has been busier than a one-armed paper hanger lately, traveling the U.S. for gigs at North Carolina’s state fair, Illinois’ On The Waterfront concert, and a slew of TV appearances, including "The Early Show," "Live with Regis and Kelly" and the "Late Show with David Letterman." Most recently, Daughtry (the band) performed at Washington’s Puyallup Fair with such big names as Reba McEntire, Bow Wow and Kenny G. Actually, Daughtry (the band) is becoming somewhat of a big name itself. With more than 3 million albums sold (making it the biggest-selling debut rock album in Nielsen Soundscan history) and umpteen sold-out performances around the globe, Daughtry (the man) is sitting pretty. The "American Idol" castaway has, as one Australian newspaper puts it, gotten the "last laugh." Daughtry (the band) even performed at last week’s MTV Video Music Awards, making Daughtry (the man) the only "Idol" reject to have ever graced the stage.

Now, Ace realizes that Daughtry (the man) must be getting very tired rocking out at all of these public appearances and, as vice president (long story) of Daughtry’s (the band) fan club, Ace has offered to travel with them as a roadie to relieve some of the added pressure. Ace has yet to hear back. Moving on…

Come September 24, Daughtry (the band) will perform in Melbourne, Australia, followed closely by a gig in Sydney. If you’re not going to be down under by the end of September, though, you could always catch them in Erie, Pennsylvania, on October 1.

Though, if you’re more of a silent supporter, like Ace, you could always just celebrate Daughtry’s birthday on December 26. The man, that is, not the band.