Heart-shaped forest, and other human inventions

Heart-shaped forest, and other human inventions

If anyone doubts the curious inventive powers of the human animal, feast your eyes on this—an initiative to plant a huge heart-shaped forest in Niger. Yes, that’s right—if successful, the project will result in a leafy sentimental shape that you can see from an airplane, or maybe from space, composed of 8 million trees. Of course you can make a donation, and if you do, you can track the growth of "your" tree on a virtual map. Are we an odd species or what?

Closer to home, the inventiveness is a little less made-to-go-viral-on-the-Internet. But it’s aimed at an equally worthy cause. If you haven’t read Kathryn Faulkner’s cover story on John Quale in last week’s C-VILLE, you can find it here. He’s a UVA architecture prof who’s been making waves with his ecoMOD project, in which students design and build prefab, green, affordable houses. (A triumvirate of awesomeness!) 

One of the ecoMOD houses, in all its glory.

Read the story, and if it inspires you, inventively support this inventive project by running or walking in a 5K fundraiser Saturday morning. Details here.

Finally, check out this bit of ingenuity.

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