Hating rain is not eco-friendly

Hating rain is not eco-friendly

I don’t want to be telling people how to think, but I guess I’m about to do just that, so here goes: If you are complaining about the rain, please stop. Stop and reexamine your thinking.

Yes, it is raining. Yes, that means a darker noon, less convenient picnics, and rebellious coiffures. We know. Here’s what it also means: Food that is growing instead of dying. Groundwater that might actually continue to provide us with something to drink. Evidence that our weather systems are not yet completely screwed.

Happy evidence in the C-VILLE office.

With even the tiniest amount of perspective, one sees the goodness of rain. Unless you’d be happy to see Central Virginia turn into West Texas, don’t bitch about it. And if you really can’t muster up any forgiveness for a dripping sky, please move to San Diego so the rest of us can, in peace, enjoy the full range of experiences offered by a temperate climate.

That is all. Happy April showers.