Groh won't go; fans fuss [November 28]

Groh won't go; fans fuss [November 28]

Al Groh wins ACC Coach of the Year and extends his contract.

After Tuesday’s announcement that Al Groh not only won the ACC Coach of the Year award but was granted a one-year extension of his contract, the Virginia faithful are busy bickering this morning on about whether the honors were deserved. "Al earned and deserves this award. And I still can’t stand him," one fan writes. Others grumble that a contract extension makes no sense given Groh’s 1 and 6 record against Virginia Tech. Elsewhere on the site, Groh himself declares that he coaches not for contracts but "for the players," yet also acknowledges that opposing coaches have been able to use Groh’s job insecurity to boost their own recruiting efforts. Which would seem to make this week for Groh—notwithstanding a fresh loss to the Hokies—a win-win.

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