Green reads for iris season


Hello, friends and neighbors. We’re here to talk about good green reads.

Two great columns from Barbara Damrosch in the Washington Post, this one on big ag’s fearful response to the First Lady’s organic garden, and this one on the possibilities for using more of the vegetable than you ever thought possible. Damrosch is always worth reading. These two show not only her expertise in the garden, but her ethic as well.

This piece in the Virginian-Pilot describes parts of Governor Kaine’s environmental position: pretty good on the Chesapeake Bay, pretty good on alternative energy. Note the one little sentence near the end about Kaine’s support for the Wise County coal-fired power plant, then skip over to Grist for a much less flattering picture of the Gov. And here’s another one while you’re at it.

From the Organic Consumers Association, a reminder that “all-natural” means bupkiss on a personal-care product label. And that manufacturers seem determined to stuff dangerous crap into our bodies. Get your soaps and lotions from someone at the farmer’s market, and you won’t have to worry about it.

Speaking of coal plants, another piece from the Virginian-Pilot about the fight over the proposed Surry plant. It gives Dominion the last word, but still makes clear the sound case against the plant.

And finally, more props for the City, this time for its fleet of hybrid cars.

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