Green Scene to grow by one


Folks, there are changes on the way. I am expecting a baby very soon!

Pregnancy is an occasion for joy and excitement, and for me it’s also been a test of my ability to walk the green walk. I certainly wrestled with the environmental ramifications of having a baby before deciding to take the plunge. And, immediately after finding out we’d indeed have a kid, I began encountering some of the millions of ways that, as a parent, I’ll be balancing the needs of my child with my enviro ideals.

Nappies on the line

I haven’t always done the green thing. I ate lots of papaya for a while, because I read it had some benefits, though my eat-local conscience frowned as I did so. I’ve made extra car trips for prenatal yoga classes; I’ve bought bottled water that I’d normally shun, because pregnancy’s “stay hydrated” imperative was topmost on my mind.

And, of course, there’s been the issue of gathering all the clothes, gear and supplies that babies need (or do they?). More on that in another post. For now, suffice it to say that baby-related consumption is a real conundrum for this mother-to-be.

But we are finding ways to keep the impact of this, perhaps our very biggest decision, as low as we can. There are the cloth diapers, the reusable wipes, the hand-me-down clothes. But much more importantly, I think, we’ll have the chance to deeply influence another human being as he or she learns about existing on this planet. It’s humbling and inspiring—the largest responsibility I’ve ever taken on. I promise this won’t turn into an all-baby blog, but you’ll surely see my child/environment dilemmas playing out as the rubber meets the road.

Speaking of this blog: I’ll be taking a hiatus after the baby arrives, but Green Scene isn’t going anywhere. You’ll be in the capable hands of Christy Baker, a local writer who’s got her own very interesting take on green living. (And two kids of her own!) Personally, I’m looking forward to being one of her readers.