Green Scene Blog: Springtime notes


Random notes from the last two springtime weeks:

1. I learned that I could (were I so motivated) make jelly or custard from the millions of violets blooming in the yard right now.

2. Our goats should be having their babies within the next couple of weeks.

3. A neighbor gave us some raspberry plants, and we bought a black currant from Edible Landscaping. Viva la lawn fruit!

4. Our asparagus patch has us worried. It sent up a couple of little shoots which then disappeared. It’s in an area riddled with mole tunnels. Hm.

5. Every year we learn something about the parade of blooms that defines Virginia spring. This year we figured out what sassafras looks like when it’s blooming. The trees are small and are covered in what seem to be spheres of new yellow-green leaves, but are actually flowers!

6. The goats love eating potato peels and carrots.

7. We were told that the reason the pawpaw trees have red-black blossoms is because they are trying to attract a certain fly by mimicking the appearance of meat.

8. My daughter and I got to touch frog eggs. They looked like a heavy slab of clear jelly, studded with green dots.

8. Once again, I feel too busy to try hunting morels.