Green Scene Blog: Hello, baby goats!


Well, at last it happened. I was gone from the house for half a day, came home and checked on the goats, and aha! One of our mamas was standing over two brand new kids.

They may be twins, but the all-white one is definitely larger. I believe he’s a boy. The other is a little shakier, but doing fine.

It’s all very amazing: that a fellow mammal can birth completely on her own and seem completely unfazed by the experience; that the babies come out already knowing how to walk around; that by the time I got to them, they were already dry and very aware. It’s mighty different than the way humans do it.

The new mama has been remarkably relaxed about her progeny. They take naps in the dirt, she wanders away to eat. We come into the fence and pick up her kids, she doesn’t bat an eye. Which is nice, since we love holding those little babies. They feel like warm, floppy dolls and they have the sweetest little voices.

Meanwhile, our other doe is still pregnant. How much cuteness can one homestead handle?