Green Scene Blog: First strawberries and good ol lettuce


Happy spring, readers. I know: It’s officially been spring for a month and a half. But there’s kind of a full-swing feel to spring right now, a sense that everything’s humming, and I’m enjoying the vibrancy of it all. Some of the current threads at our place:

It’s the itchy season again; I have poison ivy and keep finding ticks.

We’ve harvested our first few strawberries from the plants we put in last year.

We’re digging new garden beds to accommodate our plans for a ridiculously large tomato crop. And we’re attempting this season to grow all the dried beans we’ll need for a year–black, pinto and kidney.

Our overwintered lettuce is gorgeous and bushy, and the garlic (above) is taller than our kid.

In the cool, wet weather, cabbage and kale and broccoli is growing like lightning. Unfortunately, so is the lawn.

Our local market, the Nelson Farmers’ Market, opened last Saturday and I came home with cheddarwurst, spinach and goat cheese. Let the feasting begin!

We’re borrowing space in a friend’s greenhouse this year, and it’s made a huge difference in the size and vigor of our seedlings. The tomatoes are approaching two feet high and flowering; the nasturtriums are taking over the planet; the cukes look fierce. Yay for greenhouses.

Multiflora rose is blooming; paulownia flowers sprinkle the ground; crickets are back; the phoebes who nest on our porch fledged today; the creek is roaring.

What’s your spring all about?