Green Scene Blog: Check out Green in PRINT!


So, everybody, there’s something kinda cool in the paper this week. Check it out if you haven’t already: Green Scene has made the leap to print!

True, I’ve been writing the Green Living column in the C-VILLE for years. It lived near the crossword puzzle and it had a lot in common with this blog–a distillation/expansion of what I write about here. But the new Green Scene page is a different animal.

For one thing, it includes more voices than just mine. As we all know, I am but one little environmentalist (or, if you prefer, obsessive food preserver/waste lamenter/guilty gas guzzler). And this town is stuffed with environmentalists, from those who make no garbage to folks who work to save the mountains to eco-heroes who ride bikes everywhere they go. So we’ve invited a bunch of these excellent people on board as contributors. You may have noticed them showing up in this space recently.

The new Green Scene page will also be newsier. Reporter Laura Ingles will cover all kinds of green events, people and trends–plus we’re running short blurbs to bring you even more green news.

All this appears on a page near to the front of the paper. Green isn’t segregated anymore in our society; it’s woven into all kinds of conversations. So we’re giving it more play, as we think it deserves.

Speaking of conversation, this is all meant to be a two-way street. What matters to you? What’s your definition of green? Let us know. Read it; respond to it. (Then recycle it.)