Green Scene Blog: Changes in the wings


It’s been quite a while that I’ve been tip-tapping out this here blog, folks. Green Scene debuted in September 2008, and we’ve put up three or so posts each week since then. I say "we" because in recent months, I’ve been joined by a chorus of green voices from our community–folks of different walks of life who are adding their experiences and expertise to this conversation.

Now it’s time for me to hand over the reins entirely. I’ll be focusing my energies on editing C-VILLE’s ABODE section–which, as I’ve often pointed out here, has a substantial sustainability focus of its own. And, having shepherded the print version of this blog (that is, the Green Scene page in the weekly newspaper) through a big expansion in 2012, I’m confident that news editor Graelyn Brashear will handily take it from here.

I’ll miss doing this, for sure. It’s been great not only to have an outlet for my own stories, questions and conundrums related to green living, but to e-meet so many of you who are wrassling with the same issues in your own lives. We’ve had some good debates and shared some useful tips, about everything from lawns to power plants.

And though I won’t be writing the blog anymore after this week, I’ll certainly remain in the fray as a chicken-keeper, a gardener, a plastic bag shunner, a tomato canner and a consumerism skeptic. Maybe I’ll see you at the farmer’s market. For now, enjoy a few of my personal greatest hits from Green Scene history. I’ll be posting them all week.

There was the time I came out in opposition to air conditioning.

There was this post about a thwarted power line connecting Virginia to my dad’s backyard in Pennsylvania. (Postscript: Though the power line never happened, he did end up with a hydrofracking well in the middle of his view.)

And there was this one about refusing to rake leaves in fall. That one earned me a miffed letter from someone who claimed my leaves would contaminate the yards of my neighbors.

More old favorites to come!