Green Reads with your turkeycran sandwich


Hello, earthlings. I hope today finds you well-stuffin’d. For your post-feast pleasure, some recent readings from around the world:

First, an account of local innovation in the field of wind turbines: a 90-degree turn in the orientation of the blades! I like imagining that wind-tunnel test that UVA brainiacs recently did on their new prototype. (I assume they were using more sophisticated instruments than this iPhone wind-measuring app.)

Here’s an analysis—clearly from a pro-business standpoint—of the land-use issues our new Virginia governor will confront. It’s a decent primer on the big talking points: stormwater regs, cash proffers, and Urban Development Areas (all of which are, of course, a big deal in Albemarle).

Rather gloomy updates on two big ongoing stories: Opponents of the Wilderness Wal-Mart, having failed to prevent the retailer from getting county approval for a big new store, regroup and ask, essentially, "What the hell do we do now?" And the big proposed NoVa power line, PATH, draws naysayers in force, but still gets the go-ahead for now from the State Corporation Commission.

In these parts, LEAP is set to become a big deal, and once again we’re officially green.

On now to national news. Ever wondered how Sesame Street handles global warming? It doesn’t. But it does try to teach kids to care for the planet, using Mrs. Obama as a guest star. Meanwhile, her husband’s climate change strategy gets defended by Grist’s David Roberts. (Apparently others are not so thrilled with the prez on this point.)

Guess what? Carbon offsets mean little. Are we surprised?

And finally, for dessert, a truly awesome find in an old LIFE magazine.

More links, folks? Post them below.